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Welcome Prof.Xiaosong Wang from Economics, Renmin University of China to be Committee Member!

Welcome Prof.Xiaosong Wang from Economics, Renmin University of China to be Committee Member!


Prof.Xiaosong Wang

School of Economics, Renmin University of China


Research Area: 

International trade theory, Theoretical and empirical research on international trade policy, Political economy analysis of trade policy, International Political Economy


Research Experience:

Prof.Xiaosong Wang is a Professor at The Economics, Renmin University of China. He is a doctoral supervisor and a candidate of the national "ten thousand talents program youth top-notch talents". His research direction is international trade theory and policy.

The following is a list of examples of his Representative papers in Chinese:

1. Wang Xiaosong, Xie Shenxiang, micro formation mechanism of trade friction among developing countries -- taking India's anti dumping against China as an example, Chinese Social Sciences, No. 9, 2013. This article was reprinted by the first issue of the National People's Congress (International Trade Research) in 2014.

2. Wang Xiaosong, LV Yue, Zhao Chunming, trade barriers and global value chain Embeddedness: An Empirical Study on China's anti-dumping experience, China Social Sciences, No.1, 2017.

3. Wang Xiaosong, Xie Shenxiang, decision making and formation mechanism of China's export tax rebate policy: a political and economic analysis based on product level, economic research, No. 10, 2010. This paper was excerpted and edited by Xinhua digest, issue 2, 2011, reprinted by the National People's Congress (International Trade Research), issue 3, 2011, and reprinted by China Social Sciences digest, issue 4, 2011.

4. Wang Xiaosong, Xie Shenxiang, how international agricultural product prices affect China's agricultural product prices, economic research, No. 3, 2012. This paper was reprinted by the 7th issue of the National People's Congress (Agricultural Economic Research) in 2012, and included in the 7th issue of Chinese Social Science Digest in 2012.

He has published 17 papers in China Social Sciences, economic research, management world, Economics (quarterly) and world economy.And had a researcher at the National Institute for development and strategy of Renmin University of China and a director of the China World Economic Association.